Centrale Méditerranée and the French Air and Space Force Academy, in partnership with the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) and the Cyberdefense Command (COMCYBER), have been offering the Specialized Master’s since September 2020 ® CyberSCID. This high-level post-master's training (bac +6years) is dedicated to cybersecurity issues in complex industrial systems with a focus on complex systems for industry and defense.

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With the shift to a hyper-connected world, organizations must be able to rely on teams of cybersecurity experts, led by senior cybersecurity executives, to address vulnerabilities and threats to complex systems (information systems, networks, industrial systems, embedded systems, defense systems, etc.).

The specialized master’sCyberSCID will allow students to:

  • understand the specific challenges related to the cybersecurity of complex systems in the fields of industry and defense,
  • know how to identify the threats and vulnerabilities related to these systems, to acquire an appropriate methodology and techniques for strengthening the level of cybersecurity of existing systems,
  • understand and know how to put in place methods and tools to detect an attack and respond to it by applying a remediation plan,
  • understand and identify the key points to consider when designing complex systems integrating end-to-end cybersecurity.

This is the first training of this type in the Southern Region, meeting the needs of companies using complex systems in key areas as varied as industry, defense, energy, health or transport.

It is also the first training program which brings together civilians and military officers with the aim of training cyber team leaders.

Expert speakers recognized in their fields of activity give conferences throughout the training. Renowned professionals from different companies and organizations in the field of cybersecurity are involved with the students.

This specialized master’s gives access to an extensive professional network. This training is supported by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and many companies: Axians Communication & Systems and Axians Cloud Builders (VINCI Energies), Hypervision Technology, Orange Cyberdefense, SECURE Systems & Services (VINCI Group), Sopra Steria, Wooxo, Airbus Hélicoptère, Thales, the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), …

This training includes a great deal of practical work (simulation on the platforms and in the laboratories of the various training actors) with high-level software tools.

The specialized master’s Cyber ​​SCID provides a transverse and coherent understanding of all the pillars of cybersecurity thanks to a strong and unique partnership between four renowned organizations:

  • Centrale Méditerranée (Central Mediterranean School), a prestigious school of generalist engineers who know how to understand and model complex industrial systems;
  • the Air and Space Force Academy, a major engineering school training Air Force officers;
  • the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), which has extensive experience in the general field of instrumentation and control, its standards and technologies, and the safe implementation of active systems in a nuclear environment ;
  • the Cyberdefense Command (COMCYBER) which commands all the cyberdefense forces of the French armed forces.


The courses will mainly take place on the premises of the Air and Space Force Academyat Air Base 701 Salon-de-Provence and on the premises of the CentraleMéditerranée.

The year is divided into 2 semesters with elective modules offering a specialization in the fields of defense, energy, transport or health:

  • 440 teaching hours from September to March (45 ECTS), including 360 hours of training and 80 hours of project work;
  • Possibility of validating the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate - optional module);
  • Elective modules offering a specialization in the fields of defense, energy, transport or health;
  • A professional mission (30 ECTS), lasting approximately 6 months, from April to September;
  • Location : the courses will take place mainly on the premises of the Air and Space Force Academy in Salon-de-Provence and occasionally on the premises of the CentraleMéditerranée.

Target audience and required training

The specialized master’s MS® CyberSCID is aimed at young graduates wishing to specialize in the cybersecurity of complex systems, executives or engineers already posted and wishing to train or retrain.

Recruitment is open to civilians and service members, holders of :

  • a bac +5 years level diploma (engineer, master or equivalent) in computer science, automation and industrial or general computer science;
  • a bac +3 years level diploma (Bachelor’s) in the same fields + 3 years of professional experience;
  • a foreign diploma equivalent to the French diplomas mentioned above.

Acquired skills

At the end of your training, you will be able to :

  • understand the issues related to the cybersecurity of complex industrial and defense systems as well as the specificities of this field;
  • know how to identify the threats and vulnerabilities related to these systems; possess an appropriate methodology and techniques for strengthening the level of cybersecurity of existing systems; know how to respond to attacks and anticipate them by implementing protections to guard against them;
  • understand the key points to consider when designing complex systems integrating cybersecurity, and particularly in various sectors such as defense, transport, energy and health.

Career prospects

You will be required to play a role of advice, assistance, information, training and alerting the management of your structure. Depending on the size of the entity, this role may be operational in the implementation of the security policy, or you may manage a team composed of technical experts and consultants.

You will propose the security policy to the competent authority and ensure its application.

You will manage all or part of the computer, industrial, embedded and communication systems of your structure, both at the technical and organizational level.

You will also be called upon to carry out technological and regulatory monitoring work in your area and to propose the changes deemed necessary to guarantee overallsecurity.

You will be the recognized interface for operators and project managers, but also for experts and stakeholders.

In particular, you will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Specificsystems design engineer;
  • R&D engineer;
  • Cybersecurity Engineer and Project Manager;
  • Head of security for productionand information systems;
  • Chief Information Officer, CERT Manager (Computer Emergency Response Team) or Incident Response Team;

All expertfunctions in consulting firms: auditor, consultant, integrator, cybersecurity trainer.

Registration fees

  • Students/individual registrations: €8,000
  • Public establishments/communities: €9,500
  • SMEs (small and medium businesses): €11,000
  • Large groups: €15,000
  • Students/individual registrations contributing to Centrale Méditerranée Alumni for at least 3 years: €6,800
  • Major Central Mediterranean partner groups: €13,500

For civil servants from the Ministry of the Interior and the Armed Forces, contact us.

Possibility of rates adjusted according to the variability of the financing granted by the OPCOs and the support for companies or individuals with a discount of up to 50%.

Fees for filing and processing: €70

Speakers or educational teams and professional partners

In addition to the participation of many professors from both schools, you will also benefit from the skills of soldiers in the field. Professionals are also very involved in training, through the lessons they provide but also in role-playing activities such as tutored industrial projects, site visits or conferences and expert testimonials.

Testimony of Lieutenant-Colonel David, former Head of the Aeronautical Cyber Excellence Center of the Air and Space Force Academy

“The field of cybersecurity has become a major issue for our society. In addition to the personal sphere, all sectors have experienced massive digitization, which brings efficiency and agility but generates new vulnerabilities. This is particularly the case for the industrial and defense sectors, for which the security of their digital infrastructures is essential. Their particularity is that they implement systems specific to their activities, whose cybersecurity deserves an equally specific approach.

This is the reason that led two large schools, the French Air and Space Force Academyand the Centrale Méditerranée, in partnership with the Cadarache Atomic Energy Commission and the Cyber ​​Defense Command of Ministry of the Armed Forces, to build this one-of-a-kind Specialized Master®. By combining the academic excellence of these prestigious schools and the technical and operational expertise of the CEA and COMCYBER, this dual civil-military training offers students high-level skills in cybersecurity under the prism of industrial and defense systems.

Beyond the technical aspect which will be widely developed and illustrated by visits to cyber operational centers, international relations in connection with cybersecurity, law in cyberspace or even artificial intelligence for the benefit of cyberdefense will be analyzed. For this Specialized Master®, it is a question of training future managers who will lead multidisciplinary teams in charge of the security of information systems in organizations of vital importance (in particular in the sectors of defense, energy, transport or health). These four sectors having their own specificities, the training offers an elective module which allows students to broaden their mastery in the field concerned.

With economic activity gradually picking up following a period of massive teleworking, cybersecurity issues remain significant and training needs in this area are growing. The Specialized Master® CyberSCID will open in September 2020 to train the cyber experts of tomorrow. All the information can be found on the websites of the French Air and Space Force Academy and the Ecole Centrale Méditerranée. »