1 to 2 years


EXTERNAL (level BAC +5 years) or

INTERNAL (Bachelor's 3 years or more) by competitive examination.


Diploma held upon admission for EXTERNAL students and M1 or M2 for INTERNAL students.


Officer cadets recruited based on "Title" follow an adapted training program, lasting from one to three years, depending on their recruitment (external or internal) and their future specialty.

There are several variations to the "Titres" program:

  • Title students from the external competition complete one year of adapted schooling [1]
  • Students from the internal competitive examination complete two to three years of schooling :
    • In the first year, they follow the same adapted training program* as the title students from the external competition
    • In the second year, they follow a Master 1 or 2 level course (Aix-Marseille University or others), depending on their level of diploma at the time of integration.

Depending on their future specialization and the expectations of employers, some cadets may be required to pursue a third year specifically dedicated to obtaining aMaster's degree.



The adapted training program followed in the first year by all cadets aims to inculcate a level of knowledge and skills in the military, culture and communication fields close to that offered to career cadets recruited on the basis of tests. It is based on:

  • Common courses and activities with first-year cadets.
  • Additional military training (summary of second/third year courses for officer cadets).
  • Additional training in human sciences.
  • Specific master or business lessons.