Clément, 20 years old - 1st YEAR MASTER'S PROGRAM,

I have never stopped learning since I arrived at the French Air and Space Force Academy last August. After two years in civilian preparatory classes PTSI/PT, I discovered the world of the army. Being passionate about aeronautics, I am delighted to live on the Air Force Base 701 where the prestigious “Patrouille de France” trains. During my first year, I had a busy schedule. There were periods of military training on the ground to teach us the basics of combat, and we also did our introductory military parachute certificate. We also carried out an internship in operational units. Without forgetting the academic part, intended to bring us the necessary culture for the officer's job. Finally, between traditions, life in the entry and sports tournaments, everything is made to build a value that is so dear to us: cohesion.