The Air and Space Force Academy's Special Course (CSEA) is particularly representative of its openness to the world: since 1973, more than 500 African officer cadets, mainly from French-speaking countries, have studied at the Academy. Candidates who satisfy the entry requirements and pass the competitive entrance exams are incorporated in a 2-year Bachelor program. At the end of their program, they may remain in France for an additional year if they wish, in order to follow more specialized training (human resources, air traffic controller, pilot, navigator, etc.) along with French students.

French-speaking foreign officer cadets can also follow the complete engineering course (3 years) at the Air and Space Force Academy after passing the competitive entrance exams. Admission to the entrance exams depends on their country of origin, in accordance with bilateral agreements. Candidates who are selected and pass a physical fitness test join the incoming class of French students at the end of August, in total immersion, wearing the uniform of the French Air and Space Force.