(4 months)

As part of its reciprocal agreements with foreign partner academies welcoming French cadets for their end-of-studies internships or within the framework of ERASMUS exchanges, the Air and Space Force Academy offers a number of scientific internship projects for foreign cadets. A tutor, professor from one of the EAE colleges (human and social sciences, applied sciences or maths-info-signal) or scientist from the Air Force Academy Research Center (CREA), accompanies them for the duration of their stay.

German, American, Belgian, Moroccan, Czech and Tunisian cadets come and spend several months in Salon-de-Provence. Although the foreign cadets are not, strictly speaking, incorporated in a French brigade during their stay (as they would be in other types of exchange), they are able to meet French cadets thanks to a volunteer mentor who welcomes them on their arrival and guides them throughout their internship period.